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Java Image Rotator Banner

19 Nov , 2007  

Today a lot of people are doing this with Flash … back in the day I did it old school with Java.

/* ver 1.1 (Final  Release)

Barry Wise, 10/98
Version 1.1 Final Release  2/1/2000

This applet is freeware. For minimal support and  customizations, please contact
the author at  [email protected]

Source supported at:

This Java applet is designed to work in all  browsers which support Java, namely IE 3+ and Netscape 2+.
It cycles through  a number of images (as many as you want). There are only a few parameters to  set:

applet_speed: The number of milliseconds before the next banner  image loads (Cannot be less than 500)

background_color: Set this to  your page's background color in HEX format (i.e. FFFFFF =  white).

border: Set to 0, nothing. Set this to 1 if you want a small  black border around all the images.

number_of_links: The number of  images and links you have specified.

pageLink0, pageLink1, etc.: The  URL for each corresponding image (unlimited number of links  available).

imageSrc0, imageSrc1, etc.: The Banner Image to  correspond with each URL in pageLink, also  unlimited.


import java.applet.*;
import  java.awt.*;

public class java_banner extends  Applet implements Runnable {

int applet_speed, applet_width,  applet_height, number_of_links, border;
int current = 0;

Color  background_color;

URL link;

Image banner;
String[]  banner_image;
String[] page_link;

Thread runner;
MediaTracker  mt;

public void init() {

System.out.println("Java_Banner  Applet developed 10/98 by Barry Wise,");

// get parameter info
String  speed = getParameter("applet_speed");
applet_speed =  Integer.parseInt(speed);

if (applet_speed <= 500) { applet_speed =  500; } String bgcolor = getParameter("background_color"); background_color = new  Color(Integer.valueOf(bgcolor, 16).intValue()); String int_border =  getParameter("border"); border = Integer.parseInt(int_border); String links =  getParameter("number_of_links"); number_of_links = Integer.parseInt(links);  page_link = new String[number_of_links]; banner_image = new  String[number_of_links]; // Main algorythm for getting links and image names.  for (int i = 0; i < mt =" new" i =" 0;" banner ="  getImage(getDocumentBase()," banner =" getImage(getDocumentBase()," border ="=""  i="0;" link =" new" runner ="="" runner =" new" current ="="" current =" 0;">  1) {

public void stop() {
if (runner  != null) {

} // End  java_banner

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