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Generic All Purpose PHP Contact Form Submitter

20 Jan , 2008  

This is an all purpose contact form submitter in PHP. This code will allow you to add as many form input elements as you wish to your HTML page, and you don’t have to edit/change any of the PHP code. The form will automatically handle any and all input forms you create. Supports input, radio button, checkbox, regular and required field inputs.

Text File Download Download PHP Contact Form File (txt file)

NOTE: This file is a PHP file; please change the filename to contact-form.php before you upload it to your web server in order for it to work. This file is open source, provided by the developers of ITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing []

How it works:

This is a generic PHP contact form. It allows you to place a contact form on your website. When users complete the form, an email will go to you and to the user who completed the form, letting them know that their form input was successful.

You can add any number of input items to your form, text input, radio button, or checkbox, as long as they are all named in the following fashion:



The first format is for simple input items which are not required for example, if you wanted to add a phone number field, just call it form_Phone_Number. In the contact form which gets emailed to you this will appear as “Phone Number” (the underscores are removed).

The second format is for required fields. These are fields on the contact form which you want to force users to fill out, such as form_req_What_Is_Your_Name?. This will require the user to complete the field, and when the form is completed and gets emailed to you it will appear as “What Is your Name?”.

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