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Seaside Heights Summer Rental Offerings Expanding

12 Mar , 2008  

A Press Release for GSW Property Group, an ITCN Client:


Seaside Heights Summer Rental Offerings Expanding

GSW Property Group to purchase property in Seaside Heights

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ — 3/12/08 — GSW Property Group, a New Jersey real estate development firm, is purchasing more property in Seaside Heights to expand its summer rental offerings. GSW Property Group currently offers several summer vacation propreties in Seaside Heights, known collectively as Surfside Condominiums at Seaside Heights.

Weekly rentals in Surfside Condominiums are doing so well for 2008 that we have decided to expand,” says GSW CEO and Founder, Glenn Wise. “We are currently evaluating several properties to determine which will best compliment our offering at the Jersey shore.”

GSW has a successful business model purchasing older properties and renovating them as upscale condominiums suitable for summer rentals.

“We look for properties that will offer a fun, affordable, family friendly and pet friendly weekly summer vacation,” says Wise. “We renovate each unit of each property to a style and level our own families would expect in a vacation.”

Surfside Condominiums still has available openings for the summer of 2008 for anyone interested in renting a vacation condo in Seaside Heights. One, Two and Four bedroom units near the beach are available, all with pool access.

Rental and ammenity information is available at their website,, or you can call Sharon in their rental office directly at 973-698-7623 to book your summer vacation.


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  1. Surfside Condominiums is top of the line. I really want to come back here and stay for a summer. I love the action and sun

  2. I’ve stayed at these condominiums and was very impressed! Big thumbs up.

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