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ITCN Creates New Website for the Trenton Housing Authority

21 May , 2008  

ITCN NJ Web Design and MarketingNew Jersey web design and marketing firm ITCN launches a new website for the Trenton Housing Authority. ITCN provides interface enhancements and search engine optimization services for THA.

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Search Engine Optimization,Web Design

Semantic Markup and Semantic Coding Guidelines for SEO

15 May , 2008  

Semantic Code Markup - I Dare You Pulp Fiction Meme

As a web designer, you want your website design to look good and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Think of semantic coding as making the content on your website aesthetically pleasing to search engines like Google and Yahoo. Semantic markup (or Semantic coding) is the practice of programming your website so that the code used is descriptive and representative of the information it contains.

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Search Engine Optimization

The Purpose of Press Releases in SEO Marketing

8 May , 2008  

The goal of press releases in SEO marketing: increasing organic exposure. The goal of traditional press releases was to be read; the goal of SEO marketing is to be found in search engines. Of course, you’ve got to have something which people actually want to read and link to, which makes your job even harder now. So how do you do it?

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Search Engine Optimization

Google PageRank just updated yesterday – What’s your PageRank?

1 May , 2008  

I always tell clients don’t worry about Pagerank, worry about SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Would you rather be in the top 3 results for your search term in Google, or do you want to have a high PageRank? The truth is, the two are not very related at all.

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