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Google PageRank just updated yesterday – What’s your PageRank?

1 May , 2008  

First of all, let’s define what Google PageRank is – PageRank is a number, from 0 to 10, which Google assigns to a web page to describe it’s importance, or more accurately, it’s value. Why do we care how important Google thinks our website is? Because they account for about 60% of all internet search traffic [comScore, March, 2008], which, on an average site, accounts for about 65 to 70% of all website visitors.

I always tell clients don’t worry about Pagerank, worry about SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Would you rather be in the top 3 results for your search term in Google, or do you want to have a high PageRank? The truth is, the two are not very related at all. I’ve got websites with a PR0 (PageRank of 0) which I’ve been able to drive lots of visitor traffic to because of my SEO techniques. I’ve even got PR0 sites which are outranking PR4 sites in results!

That being said, as an online marketing and SEO professional I have to market myself and I do like to brag about results, and PageRank is a great way to do it – especially since just about all of the websites I am working on and performing SEO for have jumped ranks since the last PageRank update in February. The following are all websites in which I have been applying on-page SEO and backlink techniques. Not to toot my own horn, but beep beep:

Seaside Heights Rentals PR0, increased to PR4! (This is even more exceptional since the domain was just purchased on March 4, 2008 – just 57 days old and a PageRank jump to 4!!)

Tutor Match Tutoring and Homework Help PR4, increased to PR5

NJ Health Care Quality Institute PR4, increased to PR5

Trenton Housing Authority PR2, increased to PR3 via mostly on-page SEO factors

GSW Property Group Real Estate PR2, increased to PR3

Debbi Stewart Cosmetics and Makeup PR3, increased to PR4 (Originally I brought this site from a PR2 to PR3 last year)

ITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing PR4, stayed the same PR4 – a good example of what happens if you don’t do anything to market! I spent so much time this last quarter working on other sites that I neglected to update my own. SEO is an ongoing task, and you do have to keep up with it to see any increases.

Barry Wise, Online Marketing and Professional SEO Blog PR1, dropped to PR0 – a shining example of what will happen to your website rank if you completely neglect it! But wait, I’m an SEO expert, what the heck happenened to this website?!?

Absolutely nothing happened, this was a dead site, basically a parked domain for the past 8 years. I never bothered to develop it, never added content, didn’t optimize for search engines, and didn’t develop any backlinks.

Don’t let this happen to your own website! Watch as I work on the SEO on this site over the next 3 months. Check back next quarter when Google updates pagerank again, and you’ll be surprised :)

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