Search Engine Optimization

How to Use Google to Find the Best Keywords for Your Site

24 Jun , 2008  

Words on a page with Target circled as KeywordPerhaps the most important aspect of optimizing your site for search engine exposure is knowing which keywords to optimize. A large part of search engine optimization work is targetting the right keywords; you’ve got to figure out what people are searching for before you can try and get their queries directed to your website.

A lot of web designers and SEOs (incorrectly) assume that Google and other search engines will return relevant results based on the content of your site; they won’t.

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Search Engine Optimization

Useful (and Useless) Meta Tags In SEO and Web Design

11 Jun , 2008  

Many web designers I talk with are still confused about which Meta Tags they should include in their code. While it is acceptable knowledge among SEOs that the Meta Description tag is somewhat useful and the Meta Keywords tag is very rarely used, most designers don’t realize the majority of all meta tags are absolutely useless for SEO purposes. That’s right, useless.

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Voyeuristic Soap Opera – Spy On People All Over The World

6 Jun , 2008  

Last night I watched a boat pull out of a harbor in Germany, I saw an empty computer classroom somewhere in Europe, and a hotel swimming pool filled with swimmers in Turkey. All courtesy of the Surveillance Saver, a free screen saver which shows footage from various surveillance video cameras around the world.

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Search Engine Optimization

Robots Exclusion Protocol for Yahoo, Google and Microsoft

4 Jun , 2008  


Yahoo announced yesterday that they were releasing detailed documentation on the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) and how Yahoo, Google and MSN would handle it. The REP, commonly utilized by webmasters in the form of a robots.txt file or in META tags, has been around since the 90s. By specifying certain robot rules, such as noindex or nofollow, webmasters can in some ways “hide” sections of their website which they do not want included in search results.

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Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Internal Link Power

3 Jun , 2008  

GoogleA lot of people trying to optimize their website for search engines often focus on researching and obtaining good backlinks on other websites, while ignoring the importance of internal links on their own site. I’ve had some great success moving a site up in SERPs by simply changing the anchor text of some internal links.

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