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July Google PageRank Is Here – What’s Your PageRank?

25 Jul , 2008  

It looks like this is it – according to Matt Cutts’ Google Blog, he announced yesterday that the Google Toolbar Pageranks are being updated. It’s been a while since the last PageRank update – right around the end of April, 2008 – but it has been an expected interval, since it appears the Google PageRank updates are coming in every 3 months.

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Press Releases

New Jersey Mayors Wellness Campaign Launches New Website

24 Jul , 2008  

The Mayors Wellness Campaign launched their new website at The Mayors Wellness Campaign, an initiative of the NJ Health Care Quality Institute, is an organization whose goal is educating and motivating local civic leaders to improve the health of their communities.

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Web Design

Green Website Design and Eco-Friendly Online Marketing

22 Jul , 2008  

Green Web DesignSince the trend towards pretty much everything in our lives is moving towards being environmentally friendly and conserving our natural resources, I wondered if we could apply some of these green lessons to web design. Ask any project manager and they’ll tell you any web design, programming or application development project has a finite amount of resources behind it (unless, of course, you have an infinite amount of funds $). So I thought I could extend some green ideas towards either saving those resources, or at the least, using them more wisely.

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Search Engine Optimization

How To Improve Your Search Result Visibility In Google

10 Jul , 2008  

Search visibility is like finding what you want in a bowl of soup

Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow in charge of the ranking team at Google, shed some light on the Google search results algorithm on the Official Google Blog yesterday. By no means a quick and easy answer on how to improve your result in Google, he simply outlines what Google feels is the 3 most important factors in how Google ranks pages for keyword results:

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Search Engine Optimization

The Wisest Person’s Guide to Long Tail Keyword Marketing

2 Jul , 2008  

long tail

This morning I took a look at my incoming search keywords on Google and found I ranked first for the term, “who are wisest people all over the world.” Unfortunately, I don’t even appear on the first page of results for the more grammatically accurate term, “who are the wisest people all over the world,” but I figure that’s OK. Anyone searching for wisdom with such poor grammar is probably better off ending up on my site, rather than bugging the world’s wisest people with their strange and inaccurately worded queries. Questions like “What is meaning of life?” and “Where do we go after die?” can probably become fairly annoying after a while if you actually are the wisest person all over the world.

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