New ITCN Website finally launched

22 Aug , 2008  

Took a while, but I finally got around to launching the latest version of the ITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing website at We used a more web 2.0 kind of look for the site, and of course used a full Content Management System to power the whole thing. Check it out … let me know what you think about it.

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A Criticism of NoFollow Links: Why You Should Not Use Them

21 Aug , 2008  

OK, I admit it, I used to be the kind of guy who was tied up with using nofollow links to channel PageRank authority to my blog’s self-serving links. But I recently read a blog post over at Blue Jar, and subsequently found a great Wordpress plugin for Nofollow Reciprocity, which opened my eyes to “dofollow” blog links.

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How to Create 404 Page Not Found Custom Error Pages in PHP

15 Aug , 2008  

Sexy Girl Motioning Stop, Page Not Found 404Google’s Official Blog has been talking about 404 server response codes (Page Not Found errors) this week, and since I just wrote about 301 Redirect Responses last week I guess I might as well pick up where they left off and describe how to handle a custom 404 message with a PHP page. As a web developer and an SEO it’s important to understand how web servers work, as it can impact both site performance for your users and for search engines.

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SEO Case Study: Apache, .htaccess and 301 Redirects

7 Aug , 2008  

If you’re thinking about changing domain names, or moving or renaming all the files on your website, then you probably have come across more than one person telling you to put 301 redirects in your .htaccess file. This will tell search engines, and your visitors’ browsers, that your website content has moved to a new location. I recently had to do this, and I thought I’d share what effect it had on the site and how it’s worked out for me.

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Why You Should Use SEO Semantic Coding and Semantic Markup

3 Aug , 2008  

Code the OG way: old-fashioned typewriter

A few weeks ago I outlined some guidelines for using semantic markup and semantic SEO coding for search engine optimization purposes. I explained a little about what semantic coding is, but perhaps I didn’t fully explain why one might want to use semantic coding for SEO purposes. In this post I’d like to explain not only what semantic markup is, but why it would be useful and why you should be using it as a best practice in coding web designs.

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