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September Google PageRank Update – What Happened?

29 Sep , 2008  

I leave New Jersey for a few days and look what happens … Google decides to update it’s toolbar PageRank on it’s 10th Anniversay! Right in the middle of my Florida vacation. But since I’m in the habit of creating self-serving blog posts every time PageRank updates, I figured I might as well put up a quick note about what happened with the latest one.

First of all, I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes with the Google algorithm. Some alarmists (probably forum spammers) are posting about it in the Digital Point forums, but I have used the same techniques as I always have to increase PageRank and it’s worked the same every time. So if there are any major changes, it’s not effecting my SEO.

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Soul-Crushing Failures with Google Adwords PPC Marketing

22 Sep , 2008  

Yes, it is what it sounds like. I spent a small fortune on one of my sites with Google CPC Adwords last week and lost my investment. Well, when I say lost, I mean I didn’t make any profit. I made just barely enough to cover my loss, but to me breaking even is a loss. Especially when viewed as lost opportunities.

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9Rules and BBB Acceptance, They Really Like Me!

18 Sep , 2008  

This past week has been great for my self-esteem; I was accepted into both the 9rules network for this blog, and my company ITCN NJ Web Design was accepted into the New Jersey chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Why Google and Your Visitors Hate Flash Splash/Intro Pages

15 Sep , 2008  

We’ve all seen them before, although they are becoming a bit more rare these days. You visit a website looking for actual information (really?) and instead you find a big, bloated fanciful flash intro with zooming text and Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra blaring (yes, it’s now better known as the 2001 Space Odyssey Theme, but I will always remember it as the opening to the Elvis Aloha in Hawaii concert).

Apparently someone felt their website was so awe-inspiring and awesome that it needed a monumental fanfare to announce it before your mere mortal eyes were allowed to actually view it. That, or someone’s nephew just bought Flash and did a really cool job zooming a logo in and out.

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5 SEO Linkbuilding Tips to Boost Search Results In Google

11 Sep , 2008  

From the 1st Tee at the Knoll East Golf Course in Parsippany, NJ

Yesterday afternoon I left the office early to go golfing with my brother at the Parsippany Knoll East golf course (in Parsippany, New Jersey, of course) and since I was on the Links I got to thinking about my next blog post about linkbuilding. It occurred to me that I’m always telling clients the most important aspect of increasing your search result visibility within Google is to build links; but I never really mention how.

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Keyword Stuffing: Google vs. Yahoo’s Treatment of Keywords

4 Sep , 2008  

Everyone on the internet this morning seems to be doing one of two things: googling for Sarah Palin or blogging about the new Google web browser, Chrome. So like any good SEO I start thinking about how I can capture a piece of this search engine traffic. My bright idea? Why not capture both markets by titling a blog post What Sarah Palin could do with the Chrome on a Trailer Hitch? Of course, I won’t do that, because I’m all about ethical SEO, and that’s what my blog post will be about today – how to not engage in keyword stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing is just like turkey.  Too dry without gravy

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