From the 1st Tee at the Knoll East Golf Course in Parsippany, NJ

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5 SEO Linkbuilding Tips to Boost Search Results In Google

11 Sep , 2008  

Yesterday afternoon I left the office early to go golfing with my brother at the Parsippany Knoll East golf course (in Parsippany, New Jersey, of course) and since I was on the Links I got to thinking about my next blog post about linkbuilding.  It occurred to me that I’m always telling clients the most important aspect of increasing your search result visibility within Google is to build links; but I never really mention how.

My view on the 1st Tee at Knoll East Golf Course in Parsippany, NJ

From the 1st Tee at the Knoll East Golf Course in Parsippany, NJ

Most clients don’t really care about how linkbuilding gets done; similar to when they take their car to a mechanic for repairs they don’t ask for a detailed how-to-do-it-yourself example.  But for those of you who would like to try doing it yourself, I put together:

SEO Tips For Building Links To Your Website

An easy way to get a few links back to your site is to leave meaningful, worthwhile comments on blogs which do not use the rel=nofollow attribute. That doesn’t mean spam a bunch of blogs with comments like “Nice post!”.  Look for blogs which are relevant to your niche, and try and build a relationship with the owner by leaving thoughtful comments.  When you enter your name in the comment area, try using at least one of your target keywords; but again, don’t spam it with something like “Buy Cheap Automotive parts in Morris Plains, NJ”.  If you actually are promoting car parts, look for a blog about cars and talk about the subject and how it relates to both you and the blog owner.


Blogs with this badge use Dofollow comments1. But how do you find dofollow comments? Here’s a Google query tip from Slightly Shady SEO about using Google image search to find dofollow blogs:

Using Google Image Search, run a query on the term “U Comment I Follow“.  Many blogs using dofollow comments have this image on their website.  By running a query on the alt text, “U Comment I Follow“, you’ll find them.


2. Here’s another Google query tip I picked up in the Digital Point Forum.  Try googling a query which will look for blogs which allow comments:

{Your Niche Market Keyword} +blog "Notify me of follow-up comments"

So if your niche market is “nj seo” you would enter:

nj seo +blog "Notify me of follow-up comments"

Now this works for some keywords better than others, but the premise is that any blog which allows comments usually adds the text “Notify me of follow-up comments” under the comment submission form.  You’ll still have to check the Google PageRank and nofollow status of the comments, both of which are easily accomplished in Firefox with the Google toolbar and SEO plugin.


3. Looking for .edu or .gov blogs to add links?  There’s not as many out there, but you might find some using this query in Google:

{Your Niche Market Keyword} comments +blog
{Your Niche Market Keyword} comments +blog

These queries will look for sites which have .edu or .gov domains, along with your keyword,the word “comments” and the word “blog”.  Some SEOs argue that links from .gov or .edu sites are worth more than .com links; I am not so sure.  I think the reason people assume that is because .edu and .gov sites usually have pretty high PageRanks.


4. Here’s a few web directories and dofollow search engines which list (usually) only dofollow blogs.  You should still make sure these actually are dofollow blogs, since sometimes they revert back to being nofollow after they get listed:


5. An easy way to build backlinks is with content creation websites.  These are sites which let you post your own articles and include your own links in them.  Usually I espouse keeping any content you create on your own domain so that all queries for your keywords come directly to your site, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to put some ancillary content on sites like this just to build a few backlinks:


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  1. Thanks for mentioning our dofollow tool. We have recently added a brand new database to the search tool which is at least 100% dofollow results for now and we will do checks every now and then to ensure its competency.
    Rif Chia

  2. Peter says:

    Interesting post, although sometimes I wish all this SEO wasn’t necessary and Google would magically know which pages are the most appropriate. I’ve done some basic SEO to my site last week, but it seems some link building will have to be my next task.

  3. Barry Wise says:

    Ah, the myth of Google magic :) Unfortunately, and quite contrary to what they want you to believe, Google is not omnipotent and all-knowing. You do have to help them out a bit … but I can tell you that link building should be your most important priority.

  4. This is awesome, cheers for your help mate! Some good information here, i have found this blog to be very useful :)

  5. Thanks Barry for the tips. Backlinks are the best way to increase not only PR but SERP if you have the right anchor text. My problem is the time it takes to slowly build up these links. I have heard people talk about link buying but I don’t think i would want to take that risk of being banned by Google.

  6. If you are considering buying links (which I don’t condone), then you should buy them gradually so that it looks like you are building these links gradually, rather than suddenly getting 1000 links all of a sudden!

    Great tips here –

  7. Barry —
    I’ve been doing some power-reading these past 8 months on seo related topics. I have about 40 to 60 client sites to promote/re-promote with decent budgets so I wanted to update my skill/knowledge base. To say i’ve read thousands of blog posts, pdf’s (free and purchased) is no understatement. This is definitely in my top 10 of favorite blog posts. Adding your rss feed to my netvibes page now — and look forward to going forward and backward in your blog for more tidbits of knowledge.

    Prob the best new tool / tidbit I found this week was (i’m not a party to it; just an anxious seo/webdesigner). Worth a look !

  8. Barry Wise says:

    @Rockland – Thanks! Glad it helped you out.

  9. I appreciate the resources. I have been reading up on link building and most people will tell you what to do but not where to do it. Thanx for the links and the great post.

  10. techzoneX says:

    I think you forgot to mention about comment kauhana and easy blog finder. They are tools to find dofollow blogs along with pr.

  11. Mass registrations to social networking sites are relatively unaffective in the automotive marketing and advertisng area

  12. David Lewallen says:

    Blog commenting is an ongoing process. I have a strategy for blog commenting in a blog post here Proven Spam Free Blog Comment Link Building Strategy. If anyone is new to this or wants a refresher.

  13. your #2 tip, tip from Christian & comment from Cars portal is worth million dollar tips :)

    Now everybody appreciated your work , then how can I lag , but I don’t have million dollars :)

    I promise your blog entry will rock !

    Cheers !

  14. Jose says:

    Cool, I’m going to use this on my blog, thanks indeed :D

  15. SEO Software says:

    Good tips; and do u know anything about Apple making their own search engine?

  16. ITCN says:

    @SEO, no, that is news to me if Apple is going to try and compete in the search engine market.

  17. It’s quite funny really…I found this blog whilst looking for blogs to post to! Please don’t be upset! I did read your article in full :o)

    The ‘U comment I follow’ tip was a new one for me and I shall be giving that a go right now….thanks….see ya!

  18. Good advice on the search operators. Just to let you know, it looks as if is no more. Maybe list HubPages as an alternative?

  19. Home Sale says:

    I really like the idea of creating articles and submitting it to hubpages and squidoo. Both of these sites are user friendly, have great features to really make your article look polished such as adding pictures, etc. and best of all you can create usually 2-3 links back to your website using anchor text. It’s a great way to create a quick backlink. Once you have the article published, the next great thing to do is to let people know about it. These sites make it easy to add your newly created articles to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts.

    Thanks for all the tips, I will have to try #3.

  20. Gabby says:

    I’ve been looking at this feature on WordPress blogs for ages and wishing Blogger would implement it. Followed your instructions and it works a treat!

  21. As a Website Designer, I can achieve great SEO for most of my Clients but obviously in my game, it’s a different story. I’ve come up with a slightly more traditional concept called ‘Offline Optimisation’. It’s surprising how many companies are so obsessed with clawing their way up the engine rankings they forget that there is a real world out there equally abundant with new business opportunities.

  22. Hey Barry. Some good ideas on this post. I also use the SEO Quake plugin for firefox when searching for .edu and .gov blogs, it allows you to sort search reasults in order of PR.

  23. most of the dofollow search engines and lists are never updated ,to find working dofollow blogs its better to do all the work manually for example explor inbound links of other sites and check them with firefox nofollow extension

  24. Orlando Law says:

    Great tip on the .edu and .gov links mate! That’s plain brilliant right there! I’m going to give some of these a run, cheers!

  25. SEO training says:

    I would like to say thank you for sharing this information. Especially I like most your .edu and .gov links search term.

  26. Thanks for sharing those tips, dofollow search variables are a nice commodity to own. Great post.

  27. Thanks for the info~

    It’s interesting that blogs first started out as a way for people to express their opinions on their chosen subjects (at least that’s what I thought), but now it has turned into a networking tool with this dofollow and nofollow debate.
    But I guess business is business, and I’ll go with dofollow.

  28. Hey Barry. Some good ideas on this post. I also use the SEO Quake plugin for firefox when searching for .edu and .gov blogs, it allows you to sort search reasults in order of PR.

  29. Hi Barry,

    I was just out in the interweb doing some link building, I was actually using the no.1 tip you have doing an image search on “U Comment I Follow” with the additional term or ‘Party’ for party balloons :-) Your site came up on the first page. I had a quick read of your site and learned something as I hadn’t come across your no.2 tip before, so i’m adding that to my toolbox.
    Many Thanks

  30. There’s now a search engine called commenthunt which searches blogs without nofollow tags. Pretty useful for link building if you haven’t heard of it.

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