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September Google PageRank Update – What Happened?

29 Sep , 2008  

I leave New Jersey for a few days and look what happens … Google decides to update it’s toolbar PageRank on it’s 10th Anniversay! Right in the middle of my Florida vacation. But since I’m in the habit of creating self-serving blog posts (see here and here) every time PageRank updates, I figured I might as well put up a quick note about what happened with the latest one.

First of all, I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes with the Google algorithm. Some alarmists (probably forum spammers) are posting about it in the Digital Point forums, but I have used the same techniques as I always have to increase PageRank and it’s worked the same every time. So if there are any major changes, it’s not effecting my SEO.

What I have seen is the power of obtaining links from existing pages with high PageRank. This is of course no surprise, as I’ve always espoused the theory that obtaining links from relevant, authoritative websites will help your own; but it’s always nice to see your theories validated.

So what happened? Here’s the rundown on a few sites:

Barry Wise NJ SEO Web Design– This blog’s home page increased from a PageRank 2 to a 3. Remember when I started blogging about PageRank in May, this blog had dropped to 0 as a result of inactivity? That’s a 3 point increase in 5 months …. I told you to keep an eye on me!

Now a 1 point PageRank update is not a massive increase, but take a look at my actual blog pages. Instead of focusing all my SEO efforts on one page, the home page, I’ve targeted every individual page and article in the blog. As a result, many of my blog posts are a PageRank of 2 or better; some have even outranked the home page with a PR of 4!

ITCN NJ Web Design and Programming – PageRank increased from 4 to 5. ITCN has been getting a lot of press lately, what with all the new contracts and acceptance into the Better Business Bureau, so it’s no surprise that it is growing in PageRank – good press and online marketing creates buzz!

Engraved Well Personalized Engraved Gifts – Wow. I just took this client on and was able to increase their PageRank from a 0 to a 4. A 4 point PageRank increase! These are my best results to date – and oh yeah, I’ve tripled traffic as well. I hope they’re happy :)

David Blass, Teaneck Dentist serving Bergen County, NJ – This was a brand new domain which I was able to promote from no PageRank at all to a 3. Another massive increase which I’m pretty proud about. He’s in a very competitive local market, however, and has an extremely limited SEO budget, so the SERP results are not as great as I would like …. yet.

As I always say, PageRank isn’t everything – in fact for me, it’s nothing more than something to brag about. What truly matters is your position in the SERPs for your keywords, and how much traffic you are getting. So for the next post I’ll return to blogging about more substantive SEO matters which can help your own site increase it’s effectiveness.

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15 Responses

  1. Q5 Webdesign says:

    We raised from pr2 to pr4 on the homepage :D
    I am so happy! Thank you Google!

  2. PureDezigner says:

    Man to think I just launched my website back in the middle of July 2008. I remember reading about the PR updates that were taking place at the end of the July, that’s when I was thinking to myself, man 3-6 months before the next update. But when I check my Alexa stat this evening I noticed something else. I just now finally had an update to my PR, From PR0 to PR3! It’s a simple website based on CSS and XHTML validated web projects I have in my portfolio, non the less, I am very happy about this update to my first ever SEO efforts in web. I’d love to see examples and reports on how your current SEO efforts are going and possible results from from the latest Google PR update, please share your updates with us?


  3. Richard says:

    Well I didn’t see any changes to my page rank, and as you say it’s rankings and cash that count, although if you have an SEO site, it’s more credible if you have page rank!

  4. Mike says:

    We went down a pr, but so did all our competition so I guess it doesn’t matter…does it?

  5. A drop in your toolbar PR does not mean that there will be a drop in your SERPs. That’s one of the biggest misinterpretations in SEO.

  6. Barry Wise says:

    @SJL – that is absolutely correct. Pagerank means nothing, it’s all about where you rank.

  7. Barry Wise says:

    @Michael Woo – there was a couple days of flux with the toolbar pageranks but it has settled down. There’s only been 1 pagerank update every 3 months in 2008.

  8. aSKer says:

    I’m really looking forward for the next PR update because i launched some new projects recently…

  9. Your gain was my loss! My page rank in that update got annihilated, from a 3 to a 0. I thought maybe it was because the site had several weeks of downtime. Actually, two of my sites had equal downtime but only one of them had the big hit. The other one was always a 3 and stayed a 3. I wonder what could be the difference.

  10. Not long now till the next update, only another month. I can’t believe how excited I get about pr updates. I was looking forward to the last one more than christmas!

  11. Yeah nearly the March update, looking forward to it, have done a lot of work on all my sites over the last two months hopefully it won’t be in vain.

  12. RT Law says:

    I am looking forward to the page rank refresh in March also but does Google hide the real page rank value now. I sometime suspect that what is diaplyed is no longer what it really is?

  13. sportzbuzz says:

    What’s your best recommendation for increasing ones pagerank? or what source is best for building links?

  14. I think the next update will be on april fools, they seem to coincide it with big events, like new years etc.

  15. SEO Norwich says:

    It seems we had another update last week, anyone notice anything?

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