Happy SEO Thanksgiving from NJ!

27 Nov , 2008  

I watched a pretty funny ustream broadcast last night about SEO and affiliate marketing with Streko and Sugarrae. For about 4 hours they laughed and drank and talked about a whole bunch of topics, but the key points I came away with are 1) Streko’s wife is out of his league, and 2) Sugarrae knows a hell of a lot about affiliate marketing.

But since it’s Thanksgiving morning and I don’t plan to launch any new affiliate marketing campaigns before I eat today, I was going to write a quick blog post just to demonstrate how to rank for a silly non-competitive term like SEO Thanksgiving. But I did some quick keyword research (i.e., I typed it into Google) and discovered a whole bunch of silly people already tried to rank for that term. Talk about highly targetted niche markets – who do you really think is going to search for SEO services on Thanksgiving, let alone use the term SEO Thanksgiving to do it? I wouldn’t want that client. He might jump ship next month as soon as he discovers the next guy that ranks for Christmas SEO.

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Creating an XML Data Feed for Google Base in VB.NET

24 Nov , 2008  

OK, even I have to admit this post is so highly targeted to one specific kind of task that most readers won’t be interested in it at all. But since I had to write this code over the weekend, I decided I might as well share it with someone. If you’re working on the .NET platform and you want to upload your products database to Google Base in an XML feed, than this code is for you!

Before I get technical, I’ll explain why you might want to do this.

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Happy Birthday to Barry Wise, SEO Rock Star

19 Nov , 2008  

Well, it’s my birthday today and I just found out T-Pain (featuring DJ Khaled) gives a shout out to me in his new song Karaoke right on the second line of the song! It’s on his album Thr33 Ringz which just dropped last week. Nothing says “You’ve Arrived” better than this — thanks for the props, T-Pain! Read More …

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Google Releases Official SEO Starter Guide

13 Nov , 2008  

Yesterday I noticed a tweet from Matt Cutts announcing the release of Google’s official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. (Perhaps they released it this week in the middle of Pubcon for a reason, while all the SEOs are out in Vegas?)

Google LogoAs expected, there was really no ground breaking news here – they didn’t release a 3 step guide to getting the #1 result in Google. But what is interesting is they supported basically all the arguments SEOs have figured out on their own about the Google algorythm – and more importantly (for me at least), everything I’ve been blogging about. It’s good to be told you’re doing something right every once in a while :)

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Marketing Your Online Presence: Banner Ads or Text Links

12 Nov , 2008  

In case you didn’t know it, the days of traditional banner advertising on websites with high volume traffic solely for the sake of getting traffic are pretty much over. That’s right, I said it – there’s just no ROI in banner ads. Conversions are low, prices are still inflated, and there is little or no SEO benefit. Most website visitors are just too sensitized as to what an advertisement looks like and click on them with less and less frequency. Sure, there are some modern variations besides the typical 468 x 60 top of page banner, such as dancing animations, small square blog banners, etc., and they do perform a little better. But for the most part people simply don’t like graphic banner ads.

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SEO Search Engine Friendly URLs with ASP.NET and IIS

3 Nov , 2008  

I decided it was about time for another code update, and since there are plenty of SEO tips for PHP hackers and Wordpress users, I’m going to help out the ASP.NET programmers out there still in the dark about SEO problems with their code. The concept is useful for anyone; but the code is specifically for a function I programmed in VB.NET.

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