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Happy Birthday to Barry Wise, SEO Rock Star

19 Nov , 2008  

Well, it’s my birthday today and I just found out T-Pain (featuring DJ Khaled) gives a shout out to me in his new song Karaoke right on the second line of the song!  It’s on his album Thr33 Ringz which just dropped last week.  Nothing says “You’ve Arrived” better than this — thanks for the props, T-Pain!

Dear Barry Wize
I know you told me not to worry about it man but I can’t let it ride…

– T-Pain

It’s all cool T-Pain, this Barry Wize got your back, so you don’t need to worry about it.  I wouldn’t let it ride, either.  In fact, I don’t let anything ride.  I’m all up in the SEO every day, gettin’ paid.  You got to make your paper, boo

And for all you haters out there; don’t hate on me, hate on the game … and SEO can be a cutthroat game – you’re either east coast or west coast and there ain’t nothin’ in between.

Since it’s my brithday and I’ve got nothing else to write about, why not talk about some other places around the web where the Barry Wise brand name has been dropped, catapulting me to SEO Rock Star status?  Some more notable than others, but they’ve all got my respect:

Lorna Li’s Green Marketing Blog

Bill Staples, Microsoft’s General Manager of the Web Platform and Tools engineering team

Harvard’s Recommended Reading List for Database Normalization

Wikipedia’s definition of Database Normalization

Ty, the SEO Guy on Twitter

9Rules Blog Community

ITCN NJ Web Design and SEO (shameless self-promotion)

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8 Responses

  1. Ha, I love it! I wish T-Pain would give me a shout out in a song!

  2. Barry Wise says:

    Don’t we all, don’t we all :)

  3. Maneet Puri says:

    Comes late.. But belated Happy B’day Barry. I just know you would have had a great time ;)

  4. vixcious says:

    happy birthday barry!
    god bless for you!

  5. Jon Williams says:

    Barry! Happy Birthday!

  6. Kamal says:

    Happy Birthday Barry!..

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Barry! It is almost time for the next one, and a follow up post indicating the acolades you’ve received over the past year, cementing your SEO Rock Star status would be in order, I dare say! I’m looking forward to it!

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