Happy SEO Thanksgiving from NJ!

27 Nov , 2008  

I watched a pretty funny ustream broadcast last night about SEO and affiliate marketing with Streko and Sugarrae.  For about 4 hours they laughed and drank and talked about a whole bunch of topics, but the key points I came away with are 1) Streko’s wife is out of his league, and 2) Sugarrae knows a hell of a lot about affiliate marketing.

But since it’s Thanksgiving morning and I don’t plan to launch any new affiliate marketing campaigns before I eat today, I was going to write a quick blog post just to demonstrate how to rank for a silly non-competitive term like SEO Thanksgiving.  But I did some quick keyword research (i.e., I typed it into Google) and discovered a whole bunch of silly people already tried to rank for that term.  Talk about highly targetted niche markets – who do you really think is going to search for SEO services on Thanksgiving, let alone use the term SEO Thanksgiving to do it?  I wouldn’t want that client.  He might jump ship next month as soon as he discovers the next guy that ranks for Christmas SEO.

So I figure why not throw in a less competitive keyword like Turkey SEO.  Forget about it – there’s a whole bunch of people actually living in Turkey making their living in SEO, apparently working hard for about $2 an hour from what I can see.  That keyword market is stuffed tighter than the bird I’ll be eating today (did someone say keyword stuffing?).

So that leaves me content rich but keyword poor today, although I’m sure most of you would argue the content on this blog is nowhere near as rich as I think it is.  So what the hell; Happy SEO Thanksgiving to everyone!

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4 Responses

  1. Barry Wise says:

    And yes, you don’t have to email me anymore — I realize that 5 minutes after I posted this I ranked #1 for the term SEO Thanksgiving (Oh yeah, and Turkey SEO also) – that was kinda the point :)

  2. Maneet Puri says:

    Wow.. Do I keep up hopes for SEO New Year 2009?? ;)

  3. Maneet Puri says:

    Wowww!!! New Design…

    Great work buddy!

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