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Google December Pagerank Update for the 2009 New Year

31 Dec , 2008  

Since I’ve put up a blog post every other time Google updated it’s toolbar PageRank, I might as well not make tonight’s any different. The final quarterly PageRank update for 2008 is here, and (for me, at least) it’s been extremely friendly. I no longer have a client or a site with a PageRank of less than 4, and I’ve helped several sites up to 5 or 6.

But PageRank is Pointless

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For All You Twitterers: We Launched Today

12 Dec , 2008 LogoWhew, it’s been a hectic morning! Sugarrae, Streko, Reese and I have been working together to launch, and we just shipped it out the door a few hours ago. It’s a pretty simple application – it just polls the Twitter API to count how many status updates (ugh, do I have to call them “Tweets”?) you’ve posted to Twitter. Then we do some high-end mathematical computations to figure out just how much time you’ve wasted on Twitter — assuming you spend about 30 seconds on average every time you send in a new a tweet.

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Using IIS URL Rewrite Extensions to Redirect Default.aspx

11 Dec , 2008  

Rifled bore point of view

About a week ago or so I received an email from Michael Wall asking me about an issue I have also noticed but had not mentioned in my earlier blog post about Canonical URL rewriting in IIS. He asked, “How can I redirect /default.aspx to / on IIS shared hosting without causing an endless loop?” It’s a familiar problem with Windows Web Servers.

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New Theme for

4 Dec , 2008  

This morning I put the finishing touches (is it ever really finished?) on the new Wordpress theme for this blog. This isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, but I haven’t had a chance to write another decent blog post with everything that’s going on.

ITCN is starting some projects for a couple new clients, and we’re also finishing up some pretty big projects which have been underway for some time. I’ve been working on a few side projects as well. I’m very excited about the new application I’m going to be launching for Twitter. Let’s just say for now I’m getting very involved and acquainted with both the Twitter API and the Google Maps API for geocoding. I’ll post more about it as soon as it’s ready!

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