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Completed Another Social Networking Tool:

27 Feb , 2009  


This one is (a little) more useful than TweetWasters. My new site,, allows you to check the availability of your potential new username across dozens of popular social networking sites (MySpace, Delicious, LinkedIn, etc.). Due to the increasing demand for staking your claim on your brand name across the interwebz, this little tool should come in handy for some of you.

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ITCN Releases Youtuber2 Plugin for WordPress

9 Feb , 2009  

Today ITCN announced the release of their new modification to Roy Tanck’s Youtuber, which we’ve decided to name Youtuber2. It is heavily based on his code, and works very similar. In order to embed a Youtube video in your Wordress posts, it uses the same syntax, but has several more options.

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Global Find and Replace In WordPress using MySQL

4 Feb , 2009  

city search

Wordpress LogoIn case you ever need to find and replace a text string in every post or page of your Wordpress site, this SQL code will help you out. I recently had to move a client’s website from staging into production, and just when I was getting ready to publish the new site I realized Wordpress’s HTML editor had hard-coded the URLs of every image in every post to the address of the staging server. This is actually a feature of Wordpress; when you upload an image into a post or page it uses an absolute URL, not a relative one. This really helps you out if any of your posts get picked up via RSS and published elsewhere, since the images will remain intact thanks to the absolute URLs.

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