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Social Media Management Firm KnowEm Acquires FriendsCall.Me

21 Jan , 2010  

Expands Offerings to Help Brands Secure and Manage their Identity in Social Media

Company launches new services to help enterprises and individuals stake out their names on more than 300 social media networks today — as well as those sites to emerge tomorrow

KnowEm, the company working to help brands manage their identity across the web, launched a new family of premier services recently. Designed around customer feedback, these will help Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike stake their claim in the ever-changing social media landscape. Additionally, the company announced that it has recently acquired FriendsCall.Me, a service that enables companies to manage their personal brands on the web, for an undisclosed amount.

Both KnowEm and FriendsCall.Me launched in April 2009 and quickly grew their client bases. This rapid growth in social media-conscious companies demonstrates the need for such services to take charge of identity in this new arena. FriendsCall.Me was the brainchild of Darius A Monsef IV, the creator of the popular design community,, and community organizer for Microsoft’s

User Migrations

Existing FriendsCall.Me customers will automatically be transferred to KnowEm’s service. By leveraging the synergistic technology and functionality of FriendsCall.Me, KnowEm can enhance their service offerings to create further opportunities in branding and identity management.

“Much like with domain names, there’s now a race to create identities in social media,” explained KnowEm co-founder, Barry Wise. “But managing identities in this new space is far more complex than securing a domain name. There are hundreds of popular web 2.0 networks, with new sites popping up each day. It’s a challenge enough for companies to keep track of where they have a presence, not to mention the time-consuming work of creating profiles where they don’t.”

For no charge, KnowEm lets brand owners instantly check the availability of their branded usernames and keywords on more than 330 popular social networks. Sites range from well-known networks like Twitter and YouTube, to influential niche networks in Blogging, News, Community, Entertainment, Photo, Travel, Health, and other categories. KnowEm returns a list of these niche websites where the brand is and isn’t registered — and then takes it a step farther by automatically securing names, even creating profiles, on all these sites.

KnowEm has been offering its services in beta since April, and has been working with a wide range of clients — including a major search engine, large pharmaceutical company, restaurant chains, as well as mom-and-pop businesses. Over 200,000 profiles have already been secured and created through KnowEm.

KnowEm’s newly announced services include:

  • Business Edition ($249): This premium, time-saving service creates profiles on the top 100 social networks (150 sites for $349), including a complete signup and posting of basic information — photos, bio, URL, and description. As a result, companies can make sure their brand name is protected and initiate their media presence without the tedious work of manually signing up for each and every network. Each signup and profile creation receives the personal touch of KnowEm’s staff in New Jersey — there’s no automation or offshore labor involved.
  • Individual Edition ($99): KnowEm kick starts the signup process by initiating profile creation on the top 150 networks. The business owner will then need to confirm and populate each profile to complete the process.
  • Subscription Plan ($49/month):  This monthly service continues to protect a brand or username on up to 30 new and emerging websites and networks every month. As a result, companies can stay in front of the web 2.0 landscape and make sure their territory is staked out on the next Twitter before it’s too late.

“Since our beta launch in April, we’ve seen a strong demand from companies of all sizes and these new services are a direct result from their input,” said Michael Streko, co-founder of KnowEm. “We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for companies to make sure their identities are protected and they’re participating across the full scope of today and tomorrow’s most popular sites.”

The company also announced that entrepreneurs Paige Craig and Brian Solis have joined the KnowEm Advisory Board.

Anyone can visit to start managing their social media identity today.

About KnowEm ( monitors hundreds of popular websites for brandjacking and cybermedia identity theft. By entering a username, which can be a brand name, internet identity, or vanity URL, allows you to instantly monitor the availability of that username on over 300 popular social networks such as Twitter, MySpace and Digg.

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  1. helpful post is really great source for starters
    i am going use it and will recommend to others
    thanks for share
    best regards

  2. Knowem sounds like a great service and it’s great to see the feature set expanding. Is it useful to both small and large businesses alike, or is it mostly for larger brand names?

  3. Sasa A. says:

    It is nice service for internet marketers and webmasters. I also had often problems with choosing usernames on some social media networks. I know from my personal experience that choosing usernames can be really annoying.

  4. Jan says:

    Social media today is huge. It doesn’t say much really for societies method of communicating with each other though. Having 140 character conversations doesn’t really get one’s point across very well.

    But to think that we all now should be (a) monitoring our names or brand names is scary and (b) to learn that there are now so many social media sites that need monitoring.

    Personally, I like talking to my neighbours in my back yard or on the street or even at a formal social affair….they are interesting people.

  5. Ashish Goel says:

    Social media marketing brings enormous challenges if done correctly. Part of the problem lies in the fact that social media enables the perception of a closer connection between the marketing target (e.g. a consumer) and the marketing company (brand, celebrity, athlete etc.). The way this works is that when a company or a personal brand (celebrity) interacts with the consumer or fan, there is an opportunity for a much stronger connection since the consumer has the perception that she/he is dealing with the celebrity or the company on a one-to-one basis.

  6. Nice Post.

    I also began noticed shows what similar user-names are available on Twitter when you purchase a domain name.

  7. Base on my experience Knowem is a great tool for Social Media Management. Keep it up!

  8. skip sanzeri says:

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for posting information on KnowEm.

    I spent most of my time deep into social media and the types of self monitoring systems you discuss seem to be at work here as well. You can watch blogs, chat rooms for owners and news sites… even YouTube videos, and see how users see your brand.

    The only problem with social media on the web in reference to what you’re discussing here, is that in some cases there is anonymity which allows anybody to say anything. But maybe we can still track brand mentions.

    I am concerned that we are in a little bit of the wild wild West here. So it will be interesting to see how things play out in social media as we move forward. It seems like these days we have two completely different social ecosystems. Of course we have the one that has been around forever which is human contact: whether the face-to-face, phone calls or other. But now with the advent of electronic communication, now we have an entire social ecosystem, which acts and behaves much differently than the human one.

    Some numbers show that there are 400 million users on Facebook, spending an average of five hours per day. I really don’t believe that people spend five hours per day on Facebook in general, I just think they leave their browsers open in the background and check back in. However, this is still a significant use of time in the social area, and many of the behaviors you are talking about are surfacing in this new, immense use of time.

    I think we’re just at the beginning of this whole thing, and who knows how this will all end up.

    Maybe KnowEm can play a role to help corral this whole thing for company brands.

  9. Jon Thomas says:

    We get out and talk to actual pple, as much as social networking. we’ve gotten half our friends by going to design conferences alone.

  10. kimmy says:

    KnowEm is expanding slowly bit after bit..i hope i can hear more good things about this company instead of being stuck up with the monsters like android and Apple..

  11. I’ve noticed that more and more companies seem to be using .me domain names. I think this domain has a chance to really catch on through social media applications. I think people have really overpriced the .com domain. The next generation of internet users will grow up with a greater familiarity of other extensions besides .com and thus their prices should be falling. The people that are strongly defending .com are those who have a big stake in them. Google is now using, is using and many others are using .me for,,

  12. Social Media Consultant says:

    Been awhile since you posted this article about knownem. They have really grown in the social media space. A lot of people, including myself as a social media consultant, use the service to capture services you just can’t keep up with!

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