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KnowEm Adds 20 More Domains to Domain Name Checking Service

4 Sep , 2010  

The following is an announcement I posted on the KnowEm Blog:

We’re very pleased to announce today that we’ve added 20 new international TLDs (top-level domains) to our free service which checks domain name availability, bringing our total number of domain extensions searched to over 60. The new domains are a result of our continued commitment to provide marketers, trademark specialists, and branding managers a one-stop shop for everything related to branding. Whether you’re looking to brand yourself personally, or find that perfect domain name for your business or client, we’re pretty confident that KnowEm is the only place like it for all your branding needs.

List of New Top-Level Domain Extensions (check for availability):




Of course, we also still search over 400 social media networks to find the availability (or usage) of your trademark, brand, or personal username. And we still offer our unique Automated Username Signup packages, with which our local staff can secure your brand on up to 300 social networks. (Every member of KnowEm’s signup staff is under strict NDA and has had criminal background checks to ensure your sensitive information is always protected).

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10 Responses

  1. Some great new domains on offer. I will consider getting one from Knowem

  2. Thanks for List of New Top-Level Domain Extensions!

  3. Mark says:

    Excellent news! This is really a great help for us who are interested with new domains to be used for our clients.

  4. wooden gate says:

    Great stuff, just checked my band name and every single domain is available. woo, might cost a few bob to buy them all tho. haha.

  5. Kewl – been keeping an eye out for new domains, ever since the .co domains released little while ago. Thanks for the list!

  6. Heh, “ORG.NZ” might be a funny domain name for some startup specializing in creating replacement organs from people’s stem cells… assuming funding for this research isn’t trumped.

  7. Great stuff. I use a keyword tool but it doesn’t provide a domain search tool for or I have bookmarked KnowEm and will to save ALOT of time thanks.

  8. RJ45 Jack says:

    CO.IN is so cool, thanks!

  9. Sorry if I’m behind the curve, but your post reminded me to revisit Knowem. The tool that I used to use is defunct and I’ve been searching for a new one.


  10. SEO Athens says:

    Great stuff – will definitely use this tool… thanks!

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