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Use This to Check Your Site’s SSL Before Google Distrusts You

16 Sep , 2014  


I came across a great new open source website (awesome domain) that will check whether or not the SSL certificate you installed on your website will be deemed obsolete and worthless by Google next month. Just enter your website’s URL and it will analyze your SSL certificate – you know, the SSL cert – the thing that adds the padlock and the HTTPS to preface the URL of your website. Yes, Google is also judging you for your cert now, and this news is coming right on the heels of the speculation and buzz around Matt Cutts’ speculation and buzz that he’d like to see SSL and HTTPS become a ranking factor in Google search results.

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5 Million Gmails Hacked, Was Yours One?

10 Sep , 2014  

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A couple hours ago I heard that Gmail had been hacked and a list of about 5 million emails had been leaked last night. There is still some conjecture about what happened and how, but what is certain is that this is a list of legitimate emails, and should be taken seriously. So I built a security alerts tool which will check if your Gmail address has been hacked recently.

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