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5 Million Gmails Hacked, Was Yours One?

10 Sep , 2014  

A couple hours ago I heard that Gmail had been hacked and a list of about 5 million emails had been leaked last night.  There is still some conjecture about what happened and how, but what is certain is that this is a list of legitimate emails, and should be taken seriously.

So in true KnowEm fashion I asked Streko if I should download the database and make a tool out of it; he said go for it, and a little over an hour later I had the site up and he had written a blog post to announce it.  Go ahead and search for your Gmail address; if it’s in there, change your password ASAP.

It’s a little off the beaten path from our normal Social Media services, but we thought it would be a valuable tool.  Since we love being under the gun on some cutting edge, nail-biting development, I went for it.  Nothing flashy, just some bootstrap and jquery for the interface, but a properly indexed table with 5 million rows can be a thing of beauty when it all comes together.

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