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Use This to Check Your Site’s SSL Before Google Distrusts You

16 Sep , 2014  


I came across a great new open source website (awesome domain) that will check whether or not the SSL certificate you installed on your website will be deemed obsolete and worthless by Google next month. Just enter your website’s URL and it will analyze your SSL certificate – you know, the SSL cert – the thing that adds the padlock and the HTTPS to preface the URL of your website. Yes, Google is also judging you for your cert now, and this news is coming right on the heels of the speculation and buzz around Matt Cutts’ speculation and buzz that he’d like to see SSL and HTTPS become a ranking factor in Google search results.

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5 Million Gmails Hacked, Was Yours One?

10 Sep , 2014  

Gmail logo

A couple hours ago I heard that Gmail had been hacked and a list of about 5 million emails had been leaked last night. There is still some conjecture about what happened and how, but what is certain is that this is a list of legitimate emails, and should be taken seriously. So I built a security alerts tool which will check if your Gmail address has been hacked recently.

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Microsoft Follows Google’s Rules of Trademark Use In PPC

16 Feb , 2011  

Microsoft as Google

Microsoft released an announcement today that as of March 3rd, 2011, they will no longer be making editorial investigations into “complaints about trademarks used as keywords to trigger ads on Bing & Yahoo! Search in the United States and Canada.” What this basically means is they are allowing anyone to bid on a trademarked term for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, even if someone else owns the trademark on that term. They still, however, will investigate text within the ads (note their new “Investigations” policy).

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Google Announces Social Media to Influence Search Rankings

22 Dec , 2010  


A few days ago Matt Cutts of the Google Web Search Quality Team announced that Google is going to start factoring signals from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook in their search engine rankings and results. This marks a shift from a video Cutts made in May 2010 in which he reported Google was not looking at social results.

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The New Threat of Typosquatting (Misspelled Brands) in Social Media

14 Sep , 2010  


A recent tweet by Andrew Nystrom of RedBull brought attention to a growing trend we’ve noticed in Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook — that of Typosquatting. Typosquatting is a form of brandjacking/cybersquatting in which someone registers the misspelling of a brand or trademark term in an attempt to capture traffic from a legitimate well-known entity. In the case of social networks, this is done by using the misspelling of a username, such as in Justin Bieber’s case. The real @justinbieber has 5.2 million followers, but a misspelled dupe account of @justinbeiber (the i and e transposed) with zero tweets already has over 16,000 followers.

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KnowEm Adds 20 More Domains to Domain Name Checking Service

4 Sep , 2010  

We’re very pleased to announce today that we’ve added 20 new international TLDs (top-level domains) to our free service which checks domain name availability, bringing our total number of domain extensions searched to over 60. The new domains are a result of our continued commitment to provide marketers, trademark specialists, and branding managers a one-stop shop for everything related to branding.

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Social Media Management Firm KnowEm Acquires FriendsCall.Me

21 Jan , 2010  

KnowEm Username Check

KnowEm, the company working to help brands manage their identity across the social web, launched a new family of premier services designed to further help Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike stake their claim in the ever-changing social media landscape. Additionally, the company announced that it has recently acquired FriendsCall.Me, a service that enables companies to manage their personal brands on the web, for an undisclosed amount.

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The April Google PageRank Update and Why I Don’t Care (But You Do)

2 Apr , 2009  

Google logo square large

Over the course of yesterday and today Google updated it’s Toolbar PageRanks for websites. I would like to say that’s awesome, because is now a PageRank 5, but the truth is I really don’t care. When I first started working on this blog in May of last year the PageRank was 0. That was a little less than a year ago; I said I would raise the PageRank and I did. But the truth is the traffic and exposure which this blog has gotten over the course of the past year has not correlated with the PageRank increases.

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Completed Another Social Networking Tool:

27 Feb , 2009  


This one is (a little) more useful than TweetWasters. My new site,, allows you to check the availability of your potential new username across dozens of popular social networking sites (MySpace, Delicious, LinkedIn, etc.). Due to the increasing demand for staking your claim on your brand name across the interwebz, this little tool should come in handy for some of you.

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ITCN Releases Youtuber2 Plugin for WordPress

9 Feb , 2009  

Today ITCN announced the release of their new modification to Roy Tanck’s Youtuber, which we’ve decided to name Youtuber2. It is heavily based on his code, and works very similar. In order to embed a Youtube video in your Wordress posts, it uses the same syntax, but has several more options.

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Google December Pagerank Update for the 2009 New Year

31 Dec , 2008  

Since I’ve put up a blog post every other time Google updated it’s toolbar PageRank, I might as well not make tonight’s any different. The final quarterly PageRank update for 2008 is here, and (for me, at least) it’s been extremely friendly. I no longer have a client or a site with a PageRank of less than 4, and I’ve helped several sites up to 5 or 6.

But PageRank is Pointless

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For All You Twitterers: We Launched Today

12 Dec , 2008 LogoWhew, it’s been a hectic morning! Sugarrae, Streko, Reese and I have been working together to launch, and we just shipped it out the door a few hours ago. It’s a pretty simple application – it just polls the Twitter API to count how many status updates (ugh, do I have to call them “Tweets”?) you’ve posted to Twitter. Then we do some high-end mathematical computations to figure out just how much time you’ve wasted on Twitter — assuming you spend about 30 seconds on average every time you send in a new a tweet.

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