Happy SEO Thanksgiving from NJ!

27 Nov , 2008  

I watched a pretty funny ustream broadcast last night about SEO and affiliate marketing with Streko and Sugarrae. For about 4 hours they laughed and drank and talked about a whole bunch of topics, but the key points I came away with are 1) Streko’s wife is out of his league, and 2) Sugarrae knows a hell of a lot about affiliate marketing.

But since it’s Thanksgiving morning and I don’t plan to launch any new affiliate marketing campaigns before I eat today, I was going to write a quick blog post just to demonstrate how to rank for a silly non-competitive term like SEO Thanksgiving. But I did some quick keyword research (i.e., I typed it into Google) and discovered a whole bunch of silly people already tried to rank for that term. Talk about highly targetted niche markets – who do you really think is going to search for SEO services on Thanksgiving, let alone use the term SEO Thanksgiving to do it? I wouldn’t want that client. He might jump ship next month as soon as he discovers the next guy that ranks for Christmas SEO.

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